Upcoming Matches

This is the tentative schedule of Over 60s matches for 2017


Tuesday 21 February vs. Port Jackson at Bland Oval Riverwood.
Team: M Harrison (Capt), J Martin, T Paterson, G Ledger, A Wijeratne, S Marshall,
R Arthur, B Coughlan, S Bowden, P Howes, M Gallagher, P Murray


Sunday 26 February vs Southern Highlands at Chater Oval Moss Vale
Team: R Axelby, D Axelby, A Wijeratne, A Turner, J Martin, P Spence, P Cullen, B Rowe,
S Marshall, M Kehoe, G Ledger, P Howes


March vs. Benalla: tba


19/3 to 23/3 – Echuca/Moama Carnival.
Team:  M Harrison (Capt), J Dedman (VC), R Calvert, P Howes, P Cullen, B Coughlan,
T Paterson, G Ledger, S Marshall, R Bates, J Martin, B Rowe, S Bowden